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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 5, 2019 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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tonight, hollywood classics celebrating major milestones. >> "e.t." with the stars. >> excuse me, i'm doing an interview. >> then and now. >> we have wondered what we were doing. >> tom hanks new forest gump confessions. "toy story."hback to the first >> hey," e.t." we're looking back. >> on the set of the movie that made sand a bullock a superstash. and "16 candles" wlblows out 35 candles. what you never knew about the classic.
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this is "entertainment tonight." >> welcome, everybody. we are still in full celebration mode after the fourth of july. so tonight, we're rocking the anniversaries of some of your favorite movies and tv shows. >> there are a lot of big ones this year, and you know what? life is still like a box of chocolates. 25 years after "forest gump" ran in the theaters. >> my name is forest gump. people call me forest gump. >> we wondered what we were doing, and if it was going to make sense. >> it's just this kind of small, emotional story of a man telling you how he got his first pair of shoes, and it's a cast of thousands that takes you places that you've never been. >> my mom always said, life was like a box of chocolates. >> forest was a simple man from alabama, and some of his lines are classic. >> are you stupid or something? >> stupid is as stupid does,
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sir. >> but in the screen test with robin wright, tom ditched the southern accent. >> momma sent me $10. and i would like to spend it all on you. >> forest was present during some of the most historical moments of the time, and met with three presidents. >> congratulations. how do you feel? >> i've got to pee. >> the special effects and computer graphics at the time were ground breaking. >> this is the like the first most primitive generation of it, and it's only going to get it. >> run, forest, run. >> the movie won six oscars, including best actor for tom. >> my family goes through a lot of sacrifices because of what i do. we have to compromise a lot of their daily life because of the level i'm able to work at. ♪ snenld >> we were with tom and his wife when they were getting out these sweets.
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>> i don't have enough boxes of chocolates in my house. >> all these years later, we look back proudly at one of the finest roles of his career. >> fact is, that was a magnificent movie. the reason it's lasted is it's accurate, both of who we were when it first came out and who we are still today. >> and think about this, just one year after forest gump, tom hanks was back with another classic movie that kicked off a franchise still filling up theaters today, "toy story." >> hey, hey, no one is getting replaced. hey, listen, no one is getting replaced. it's the hardest work i've ever done as an actor. it's horrible. >> we're here to say thank you, tom, tim, and crew for keeping us laughing and crying all these years. ♪ you've got a friend in me >> i've try to explain to people who it is and what it looks like, and i can't. all i can say is you'll have to go and check it out. and your eye also pop out of your head.
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>> you're flying. >> this isn't flying. in is falling, with style. >> "toy story" put pixar on the map in 1995. no one had seen animation like this. >> lots of nudity. mr. potato head spends the entire show like this. >> the four movies have earned well over $2 billion and raked in big bucks. >> i won't start with the way this guy is built. >> there's a good looking rear end, tom. tom is a handsome man. not a bright by, but a handsome guy. >> duke kaboom, canada's greatest stunt man. >> so far it's been the summer of keanu. >> i've just had the chance to be working with really cool people. and a part of some really cool
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projects. so to be here with "toy story 4" is a lot of fun. "seinfeld" premiered 30 years ago today. and "e.t." has followed the show from the very beginning. >> here we go. >> i think it will be a very exciting thing to do, to have your own tv show. >> from that first dwgag in 1989 -- >> the second button makes or breaks the shirt. >> to the same gag on the finale nine seasons later. seinfeld ran 180 episodes. >> it's amazing to be in this position after nine years. >> pretty good for a show about nothing. >> what is the show about? >> they haven't gotten back yet. >> in 1991, they did a whole episode about losing a car. >> what was the inspiration for this? >> couldn't find the car in the parking garage. >> where's the car? >> i thought it was here. >> i really lighted that
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yada-yada episode. >> went back to myself, yada-yada and never heard from him again. >> the food is a lot better. >> this is real food. >> you got any meat? >> then michael richards was cramer. >> hey, jerry, nothing like show business, huh? >> i'm doing "entertainment tomorrow night." >> and george was jason alexander. >> in real life, he's a regular guy. and still without hair. >> these are all jokes that can't work. >> in '91, jerry let "e.t." follow him when he was up for an emmy. >> jerry didn't win that year, but two years later, the show won for best comedy series. >> we like the show more than anybody else. simpsons," it turns 30 this year. we thought we would break down
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their epic milestones by the numbers. >> i changed it for homer. it sounds like this. homer. >> marge, get the door. >> this is a very hip cartoon. i think it's going to be, like a huge success. >> just take me home. >> that's what she said. >> 30 seasons, 662 episodes, and 33 emmy wins. the simpsons have banked more than $1 billion since starting in 1989. >> it's timeless. >> lisa simpson, when you started watching was 8. she's still 8. and every time she has a birthday, she turns 8. >> frozen in time, the cartoon is the longest running scripted primetime show ever. and the list of celebrity cameos is well over 600. >> ann hathaway was fantastic. she won an emmy. ♪ >> they made me sing with lady
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gaga. that ain't right. ♪ >> the most heroic actor i ever directed was jack black, who had to sing a whole song for us in korean. ♪ >> and check out this. i also got simpsonized. >> for our weekly series, homer simpson. >> each episode takes nine weeks to complete. >> you cannot binge it all at once. you will die. we had a contest where they were actually having people watch as many episodes as they could. then a doctor had to call it at season 11. coming up, mean girls turns 15. >> that is so -- >> we're with the cast. >> and then --
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. now to the huge milestone for the film which made lindsey low man into a massive star.
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>> the 15th anniversary of "mean girls." 15 years. ♪ >> mean girls to me feels like it was yesterday. >> favorite memory from making that incredible movie? >> shooting that movie, i had never been in a movie before. i had no idea. >> the behind the scenes secrets, first, lindsey and rachel mcadams could have had each other's roles. but after "freaky friday" made her a star, they didn't think fans would accept her as a villain. >> i knew she would placaty and go from insent and horrible and back to a good person again. >> the casting is perfect. so i'm excited. >> i'm not a regular mom, i'm a cool mom. >> amy poehler played rachel's mom, but only seven years older
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in real life. >> so funny. >> just one week before it opened, one of the nicest girls in hollywood hit theaters, i'm talking about jennifer garner in "13 going on 30." >> did you know that brie larson was in that movie? >> i did, because i saw it. >> did you know that bree was in " "13 going on 30?" >> she was a mean girl. >> huh-uh. >> i didn't know that. does she talk about that? >> i remember it was the moment when i reazed i wanted to direct. >> that's how she learned she wanted to be a director one day. >> that was a lovely little movie. >> in honor of the film's 15th anniversary, "e.t." is taking
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you behind the scenes of the most iconic scenes. >> "thriller" was fun. getting to rehearse that and having all these dancers behind us backing us up, it was seriously one of the most fun days i've ever had at work. >> jennifer posted a heartfelt message saying i feel so, so lucky to have had the experience of make thing joyful movie. ♪ >> it was jennifer's first leading role. it was filmed during the then 31-year-old's hiatus from "a "ailius." >> it reminded me of shooting a fight, except we were allowed to smile. >> it follows her 13-year-old character, jenna, who wakes up in her 30-year-old body. yesterday was my 13th birthday, and then today i woke up and i'm this. >> so could there ever be a
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sequel? don't hold your breath. >> like 15 going on 50? is [ laughter ] still ahead, we're blowing out 16 candles as it turns 35. >> this sun believab is unbelie. >> and what happened to jake ryan? >> from bus driver to "e.t." reporter, sandra bullock helps celebrate 25 years of "speed." >> closed captioning provided by --
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♪ >> i was offered "speed." i stupidly said no. >> even with her voice half gone, we all know halle berry could have been great. but you can't beat the chemistry keanu had with sandra bullock. >> hey," e.t." we're looking back. >> "e.t." is taking you back to the 1993 set, with a then 29-year-old sandra. >> hey, guys. >> excuse me, i'm doing an interview. i drive the bus. well, i kind of drive the bus. i'm the bus driver.
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that's keanu reeves. >> sandra was a virtual unknown when she shot the movie about a city bus loaded with explosives. she spent over 75% of the film in the driver's seat. >> this stinky bus. but we're dealing with that problem, i give everybody d deoderant as gifts. the only problem, is i'm right up front, and you have the instinct to brake all the time. >> thanks for spending time here. >> this is the poster. there's me, but you can't see me. >> when the movie came out, we hung out with her as a real interview. >> have you heard of the movie
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"speed"? >> yeah. >> are you going to see it? >> yeah, it's supposed to be good. >> i think after this movie comes out, you're going to get a lot of dates. you meet a lot of chicks on the bus? >> yeah. >> i knew it. >> the movie turned sandra into a superstar. but the sequel, keanu turned it down and jason patric stepped in. it was a box office bomb and sandra fully owned it. >> i made the mistake. i screwed it up. >> i loved "speed 2." >> what is wrong with you? >> their chemistry was undeniable. but let's talk about the '80s with jake ryan and "16 candles." the john hughes classic is turning 35. molly ringwold and the cast shared behind the scenes secrets and the ultimate flashback friday birthday gift. ♪
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>> oh, god, it came true. >> that whole experience was really amazing. you know, it was the first movie i did with john hughes, and john was always taking me and michael anthony hall out to the blues clubs. it was just really fun, like the best summer camp ever. >> my little brother paid a buck to see your underwear. >> molly's admirer anthony michael hall dated her back in the day. >> she was amazing. she was a very shy girl. and a lot of people didn't know that. it was a nice counterbalance to making films, long before i had a career and knew what the hell i was doing. by the way, i still don't know what the hell i'm doing. >> so what is anthony's favorite ted moment? >> i remember we were shooting a scene on the lawn. and guy and wake up john cusack and darren. >> take those ridiculous things
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out. >> and i remember we were shooting at 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. at the time, i'm 15, but i looked 12. i'm thinking, wow, this is unbelievable. >> michael and molly were both teenagers when they shot this coming of age classic. but the chinese exchange statement, he was 28. >> open the door. >> no way jose! >> he told us a major behind the scenes secret. he tricked the casting director to get the part. >> tay didn't know i wasn't from a foreign country. they didn't know. they had no idea. it took a while before they realized i wasn't from ogden, utah. it was great. it was a lot of fun. >> and still, all these years later, the donger can still deliver his most memorable line. >> what's happening, hot stuff. >> what's happening, hot stuff. i don't remember the accent anymore either. >> donger need food.
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>> a big question on everyone's mind, whatever happened to michael, who played jake ryan? >> it made me feel good inside. >> the last time "e.t." sat down with michael was for his 1991 film "wild hearts can't be broken." afterwards, he left hollywood for good. >> michael chose a simple life. moved back to his hometown. he was a great guy. >> michael is 58 now. he's got two adult kids and he needs to come out of hiding. where you at, jake ryan? coming up, a sneak peek at our "american pie" reunion and how "anchorman" is staying classy 15 years since its debut.
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all right. i'm going to start my own media company primary health connector for diversify my content how going to be smart with my money here and make sure that it leads to more money. you know kudos to them, you know they're they're trying they're maturing financially. you know the
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great thing could you see. so many stories where these guys just go broke. you got to look at it. a lot of these guys get thrown so much money and they have none no financial literacy they had nothing and they may not even that educate. and i say that with
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luck it's "american pie" reunion. cast confessions you will only see here.
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>> this is like an exclusive. >> why what happened off screen was even more scandalous than the movie. >> oh, god. >> set crushes, behind the scene scoop. >> i had a freakout. >> and what you never knew about the infamous pie scene. >> this is new news. next tuesday on "e.t.." >> hey, we're going to lea you with a classic comedy that we can in some ways relate to. it's "anchorman," which turns 15 this year. >> are you saying we would say something just because it's written in the teleprompter? >> yeah. >> listen, stay classy, america. >> bye, everybody. >> there is a love scene that will be unlike any in film in history. >> the most glorious rainbow ever. >> it's been 15 years since audiences traveled to pleasure town in "anchorman." at the premiere in 2004, the
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cast showed up in a nude van. >> we're a team, man. i just have bigger boobs. we're all singing "afternoon delight" nine times. it was awesome. "afternoon delight." illegal
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fireworks blame for a rash of destructive fires around the bay area. >>in oakland, i would trump police respond as drivers shut down a freeway just all happened so fast a tesla owner says his car's on-board cameras led to the arrest of a hit and run driver. firefighters have been hard at work in the east bay as another brush fire torches 2 dozen acres crews rushed to


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